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guitar3Welcome to a page of manufacturer of  electronics dedicated for acoustic guitars. The acoustic guitar  is characterised by its unimitable sound - in  a top class instruments, one can clearly hear how its wooden soundboard work. Luthier made guitars of  top quality are made of different kinds of specially seasoned woods and allow comprehension on how many sound and harmonic nuances are influenced by design, type of material used and construction technology. Such instruments offer immence joy of playing with their uniquesness. One can daresay - the very best ones bear superb sound properties, allowing individuals of refined hearing to identify them blindfolded.

At the point of shifting to electroacustic guitar, a brilliant in its simplicity question arises - what amplifying system should be chosen so listeners of our stage performance could fully enjoy richness of the true  tone color of our instrument ? There are a couple of a dozen solutions of varied price and quality on the market. The cheaper ones we discard ex definitione as we are not after a system giving players a surprise of unwanted special effects like electric hum, clics, buzz or volume signal instability. Facing all of the above, it turns out that many electronic systems were designed by electronics engineers for whom sound quality is measured  just in numerical scale - by electronic measuring apparatus. Alas, it should be clearly stated herewith - one has yet to describe in any algorythm the precise way to estimate the sounds' "goodness". But we are not even capable of physical assesment of neither qualitative nor quantitative parameters, deemed desirable musically. At the protype and testing stage we met with electronics engineers' lack of understanding of such  notions as, at least , musical scene panorama. "There is not such entity" - they would say.

guitar2Twenty plus years of experience with equally long concert activities have led us to a conclusion: a really good sound system can be designed exclusively by a person being equally advanced in those two domains - music and electronics. Only through possibility of precise listening and later, ability to distinguish sound samples, having access to conscious modification of particular sound features it gives hope that the final product shall bear hallmarks of supreme quality. Manyfold we subjected numerous prototypes to  hours of ear testing, applying detailed modifications and tuning. We also varied some properties of sound to get the electronics meet our expectations. Our projects are based on analog structure. We are of the opinion that this technology adds considerably more fidelity to the instrument tone. The prototype implementation work has grown to be our passion, giving us lots of joy and satisfaction.

Welcome to the realm of Analog Sound!