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Sound is one of the most common stymulus we experience. For millennia man has been developing  his hearing apparatus which initially just allowed functioning in natural environment . Over the course of time human hearing  significantly widened its spectrum with the advent of music. In the era of apex of classical music, human ear  showed its amazing capacity of detecting most subtle nuances of elementary components of music sound. We are fully aware nowadays of existence of individuals blessed with perfect pitch, for whom a minute difference of 2hz is a serious violation of standarts.

When we start describing guitars sound characteristics, notably the high quality ones, we promptly reach a telling point where we run out of notions with which we could describe  precisely and in detail what we hear. It is enough to listen to three luthier made instruments of identical shape of soundboard, yet built from different wood. How to descrbe the difference? Words like "warm", "somewhat bright", "muffled” sound and the like fail to express what we but hear. Thus, lets imagine a state of mind of a conscious and honest designer of electronics meant for these instruments. They perfectly know that there is absolutely no possibility for physical count of whole set of parameters, necessary for reaching the optimum. The sole solution is precise and painstaking prototyping, backed by many hours of listening tests done by many individuals - since everybody hears the same sound a tad differently.


That is the way we have chosen and now we are ready to prove being right. No production of sheer quantity, even if optimal economically, can deliver a product of such outstanding quality. While making our electronic modules we painstakingly select  chosen, state-of-the art components. Every product goes through rigorous tests - elecronic and audio listening. As a result you are offered high quality compact sound system that is resistant to undesirable elements  of  stage environment. It is also protected from physical factors as well as from magnetic and electric fields, often setting uncontrollable signal interference in guitar of mediocre quality. In our opinion, these make a nasty surprise to a performing musician, making him combat those "imperfections" instead of focusing on musical emotions.

Our motto is simple – Just plug in and  play and savour your guitars' sound!