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guitar7The system solution was designed to obtain some basic features. The first one was an uncompromising sound quality. As everyone knows, the sound of mediocre quality is nice to our ears for a short period of time only.

The second one: we wanted to reduce to absolute minimum an interference into the guitar wood structure during the system assembly.  The system will be often installed in a high end luthier made guitar and cutting out any part of such instrument lowers its value and is really painful and heartbreaking for the owner. One should also bear in mind, that such interference may make the further upgrade or change to another system impossible in the future. So our choice was obvious: the system electronics should be fitted into an endpin jack socket that simply replaces  a regular guitar endpin.

E10 is a minimalist amplifying system, containing an undersaddle transducer coupled to a dedicated and individualy tuned active electronic amplifier. The E10 System is nearly maintenance free. Its extremely low power consumption makes the battery change very rare. The power is switched on only when a cable jack is plugged in. The whole system is hidden inside the instrument so the audience do not realise about its presence. And this is the beauty of its discreet, esthetic design.

guitar8Another positive feature is the affordable price, that makes the E10 system an excellent  solution for professional musicians or advanced amateur performers who are tight on budget. Now you do not have to spend tons of bucks to get a perfect amplified sound of your instrument on stage.

We are proud that the system was entirely designed and is made in Poland. Due to this we can constantly control the quality of all parts and components used as well as the quality of each final product. In the latter, nothing can substitute the last control stage apparatus which is a human „musical” ear. This make us believe in the best quality of our products.

At the end we must say about our constant inspiration, and our "hunger" to obtain absolutely perfect amplified acoustic sound coming from a simple wooden box made by master luthier from spruce, cedar, mahogany, rosewood…