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"I compared the Analog Sound E10-V unit with B.Band A5, LR Baggs I-Beam, LR Baggs Element , and Taylor ES System. I recorded some sound samples to compare the sound quality of each system at the same output volume, with all the EQ controls at 0 level. To be honest: Analog Sound unit sounds excellent. It is a piezo system – and its piezo sound characteristic will be always recognised, but… it sounds more natural than some systems tested, that are based on different complex design to produce more natural than piezo only sound. First of all, the E10-V gives the strongest output signal among the system tested, with the lowest noise level. It has a beautiful frequency characteristic – with natural mids and warm highs. A full, strong sound with an ideal string balance. I think it is one of the best amplifying systems that I owned. It is comparable to LR Baggs Element – of the same class but with warmer, more natural sound. As the system uses an undersaddle transducer as its signal source, it changes the instrument acoustic properties slightly. In my guitar it pushed its sound characteristic from bright side toward darker, fuller sound with stronger mids, whose this instrument lacked so far. To sum up – congratulations, it is an excellent system that can be recommended without any doubts. Perfect manufacturing and the sound that leaves behind some more complex systems! I used most of the amplifying electronic available on the market and despite the fact that I ex-definitio think of a piezo amplifying solution as a worst one , I must agree, that Analog Sound E10 is simply excellent. I became a devotee of the company and I wish all the best in further developing of the Analog Sound brand!"....

"Link to sound samples" - Sound samples.

Krzysztof Błaś, Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, session musician, teacher, editor-in-chief of - the biggest Polish guitar web portal, longtime editor of all polish music magazines “Top Guitar”, “Guitarist (polish edition)“, “Muzyk FCM”, “Gitara i Bas”.


..."Some time ago two guys entered my workshop and during a friendly chat they told me about a new amplifying  system for acoustic and classical guitars made by a young company named Analog Sound.  I heard such gossip about new guitar pickups now and then  so I did not pay much attention to what they said but later two thoughts occured to me:

  • The system was designed by a polish electronics engineer so it was a domestic product not another foreign one.
  • I was told about it by my very good friend, a guitarist, which words I trust  as he never failed me.

I was asked to test it so soon I installed the Analog Sound unit inside a first guitar I could lay my hands on. I plugged  the cable in, strummed the guitar and…I must say I was flabbergasted!!! The system worked flawlessly, reproducing a juicy, dynamic, full sonic spectrum of the gitar sound. It presented  characteristics of the instrument with excellence. Speaking in another words, it faithfully amplified acoustic properties of the guitar, outlining all the instrument features that should be outlined. It is simply a revelation!!!.

The Analog Sound unit absolutely does not loose the battle when comparing it to the more expensive systems available on the market and its price is really challenging."....

Marek Leuto, luthier



…”I have installed the system, tested it and I am impressed! A strong signal, excellent sound quality and very good quality/price ratio. Electronics designed and made near Olsztyn, Poland..."

Sergiusz Stańczuk, luthier



…”Two months ago I bought a very juicy sounding Martin guitar. The guitar passed very well recording studio tests. Its only drawback was the lack of pickup. Mark Leuto( my guitar serviceman) proposed a non-invasive solution -  E-10 system manufactured by a small polish company named Analog Sound. He ensured me, that the E10 sound quality is comparable to LR Baggs systems, but the price/quality ratio definitely favours the E10. After installation the E10 system faithfully reproduced the acoustic guitar sound. All strings sound level, loud and clear and the only change in guitar look was the strap pin replaced by an output  jack socket with a strap button.

When I collected my instrument from Mark Leuto after the E10 installation, I checked its sound  by plugging into several acoustic amplifiers, into PA line input and recording it directly to a computer. The E10 system passed all tests with flying colours. I  recommend the E10 system to all  who care about having a good guitar sound for a reasonable price. I hope that the Analog Sound E-10 will become a well known polish product all around the world. Only people with passion can create such things. Thank you very much and and wish you success."

Krzysztof Zawadka, guitarist (Oddział Zamkniety, Daab, Kayah, Chłopcy z Placu Broni, T.Love, Porter Band)



…”I am a devotee of acoustic guitar sound for many years. I also started to build acoustic guitars some years ago. Since then I had a chance to test many guitar amplifying systems and honestly speaking I can not point out a remarkable good or absolutely bad one. Customer satisfaction depends on matching a particular system to a particular instrument as well as on his individual preferences. De gustibus non disputandum est. Our judgement could be based on measurable criterions only. So in my opinion Analog Sound E10 system reproduces the guitar sound faithfully, with an even sound characteristics and excellent dynamics. It is a good thing that we have a domestic, boutique product , which surely would supersede commercial mass production systems, being competitive to them in price and quality"

Jacek Sliwa, luthierr



…”Ladies and Gentlemen, I honestly recommend excellent Analogsound guitar amplifying system! Thanks to the company courtesy I installed E-10 unit into one of my guitars ( which was repaired skillfully by Marek Leuto ). Prior to the installation the instrument was equipped with an old factory mounted pickup. After the series of test I confirm that Analog Sound E10 is a system that gives a very musical, warm sound that stands its ground against any much more expensive foreign counterparts, with a very good sound dynamics, nice low and middle frequencies, with maybe a tad too much treble cut ( and that does not bother and rather is an advantage, masking typical weak points of a piezo transducer). I am 100% satisfied and I even wonder about E10 installation into my Lowden O23 which is the guitar that I mainly use, if only the company would manufacture an unit suitable for Lowden split-saddle bridge… A very good product!"

Artur Lesicki, jazz guitarist



…”The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence...
I had recently a real pleasure to familiarize myself with a Polish made piezo system designed to amplifying acoustic guitars. From what I know this system was developed after some years of laborious trials by a group of passionate musicians from Olsztyn an Warsaw towns.
And??? – no hung-up! We can stand against the biggest ones... The Analog Sound system is more „transparent” than these most renowed foreign systems. It virtually does not colourise the sound (in case of top quality instrument this is an advantage!, does not boost lows nor highs). It’s strange, that this product is not present on the covers of any musical magazines. Anyone who looks for a professional amplifying system for an acoustic guitar should consider Analog Sound."

Piotr Witwicki, luthierr



…”I had the opportunity to conduct a broad onstage test of my new E10 pickup from Analog Sound during my 10 days tour last November (2015). The pickup is fitted on my Furch G23CR. I had it along with my Taylor 514 fitted with a K&K and my Herda OM Custom fitted with a Fishman Matrix Infinity, all active pickups. I also tested E10 at home last week through an AER Alpha guitar amp. This is not a comparison between the 3 pickups but a review of E10 active UST pickup from Analog Sound from Poland. Although this brand is a new comer on the market they are very much a serious contender and are able to compete with the very well known and established names in the business. High quality at affordable price.


  • minimal feedback issues at relatively high volume,
  • full, beefy and clear sound, unlike most UST pickups that deliver tiny, bright sound,
  • balanced string response, also with dynamic playing,
  • faithful reproduction of acoustic subtilities,
  • sensitive with good attack and presence,
  • clean and articulated sound,
  • well worth of the money,
  • minimally invasive installation.


  • no volume and tone controls,
  • a bit too wide to fit some guitars ( McIlroy in my case) .

I use many different open tunings on acoustic gitar and my playing style involves inticated patterns, where notes separation is very import ant. And the E10 system excels in that aspect. Check this out. You may never need another UST active pickup."

Oslo, March 4th, 2016

Becaye Aw, Musician