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guitar4Everyone should have a passion in his life. Some love fast muscle cars, some prefer playing survival games or playng the basketball. We just love music!  And guitar music in particular. In our attitude to the guitar we are not like common people, who are usualy calm and balanced. Guitars evoke extreme emotions in us. We love to listen to the sound of guitars, we love to play them, we can also talk for hours about the guitar luthiery trade secrets, about the spells used while chosing the seasoned woods or about the pros and cons of different machine gear ratios. All  guitars look nearly the same. They are just simple wooden boxes but, according to the old Polish saying, the devil hides in details.
There comes a moment in life of nearly every player when he feels that his fine acoustic guitar should be equipped with a good sound amplifying system. This is a regular way of development for every performing guitarist (Note the word „performing”!). Buying such a system is somehow similiar to driving a car: some may have an used secondhand VW Golf while the others can drive the newest Ferrari supercar. The first option does not evoke such  emotions as the second one, which is on the other hand usually damn expensive.
So is there any third option? Yes, there is! It is possibile to built a sound amplification system that evokes a lot of good, positive music emotions and which price in the same time would not burn an enormous hole in the pocket. We took the challenge and we proved it in reality. Today we can present a fine system of acoustic guitar amplification. The system that is characterized by an excellent sound reproduction, compact design, superb make quality  and relatively medium price.
If you are a guitar fanatic – welcome to our site!. Enter the world of Analog Sound!.